Scott Gregory Mansfield

Phone (mobile):352-514-9452


Skunkworks or Older Projects
  • DreamHostAdmin: Strightforward GUI to manage DreamHost resources by directly interacting with the API.
  • Creating a reusable library to drive a Charlieplex display on the Digispark platform
  • Created an automated website backup to Amazon S3 (PHP, bash)
  • Made a simple graphing calculator titled SimpleCalc (C#, WinForms)


Netflix, Los Gatos, CA
June 2014 — present

Senior Software Engineer
  • Development on EVCache, a distributed caching library for dynamic and high-volume systems.
  • Design and implementation of back-end management systems around the caching tier.
  • Management of 14000+ cache servers that back many important services.
  • Introduced and integrated new service and method for managing routing through Netflix's prod Zuul.
  • Completed metadata library transition on core website Java application.
Amazon Web Services, Seattle, WA
July 2012 — June 2014

Software Development Engineer (SDE II from April 2014)
  • Created a high performance website rendering engine for the next generation of
  • Designed a highly scalable search indexer to index the AWS marketing website.
  • Attended infrastructure training to learn best practices for large-scale cloud-based system design.
  • Support for multiple critical systems behind the AWS Marketing website., Seattle, WA
May 2012 — July 2012

Software Development Engineer Intern
  • Created a service to facilitate a new search infrastructure around CloudSearch for
  • Integrated the new service with existing Ruby on Rails website for real-time updates to search database.
  • Set up thorough monitoring for operational excellence.
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Orlando, FL
January 2012 — May 2012

GBTS Professional Intern
  • Created application to monitor the health of a large ride-management system.
  • Designed and implemented back end database and WCF services.
  • Created rich Silverlight client application using Prism, Unity, and the MVVM Light Toolkit.
  • Designed extendable code library for collection of data from large systems.
GE Healthcare, Milwaukee, WI
May 2011 — August 2011

Information Management Leadership Program Intern
  • Led several infrastructure projects to supply application owners with required hardware.
  • Created and ran initiative in an extracurricular committee dedicated to leadership.
  • Managed knowledge base for external reference and enhanced internal team workflow.
Integrated Product & Process Design, Gainesville, FL
August 2010 — May 2011

Software Engineer, Student
  • Created an interactive restaurant table for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.
  • Applied human-computer interaction concepts to create an enthralling experience.
  • Gained experience presenting and defending concepts and ideas to large groups.
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy, Wilmington, NC
June 2010 — August 2010

Software Engineering Intern
  • Created a program using Windows Presentation Foundation to view and edit proprietary database files.
  • Rewrote part of an engineering program used to analyze stresses on reactor control rods.
  • Taught class on the C# programming language.
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
January 2010 — April 2010

Research Assistant
  • Performed lab tests to test experimental additions to the current wireless communications standard.
  • Wrote reports on the current state of wireless network technology.
SpinCore Technologies, Inc., Gainesville, FL
November 2008 — April 2009

Web Developer
  • Improved organization, usability, and maintainability of company website.
  • Created internal website used to organize and coordinate employee information exchange.


Languages:Java, Go, Scala, Ruby, C# / XAML, C, C++, CUDA
Web Development:Java EE, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, AngularJS, CSS, SASS, HTML, Jade
Additional Tech:AWS, Spring MVC, jUnit, MVVM
Operating Systems:Windows, Mac OSX, Linux
Functional Skills:Distributed Application Architecture, Object Oriented Design and Patterns


M.S. Computer Engineering, May 2014
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

GPA: 3.79
  • Distributed Systems
  • GPU Architecture and Programming
  • Reconfigurable Computing
  • Computer Architecture
  • Computer Networks
  • Embedded Systems
  • Software Testing & Verification
  • Artificial Intelligence Concepts
  • Graduate Algorithms
  • Advanced Data Structures
B.S. Computer Engineering, December 2011
University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Minor in Business Administration
GPA: 3.62
  • In Major – Special
    • Integrated Product and Process Design (IPPD) 1 & 2
    • Created an interactive restaurant table for Disney
    • Information:
  • In Major – Bridging the Gap
    • Reconfigurable Computing (Graduate Level)
    • Embedded Systems (Graduate Level)
    • Chip-Multiprocessor: GPU Architecture and Programming (Graduate Level)
    • Signals and Systems (Signal Processing)
  • In Major – Hardware
    • Computer Architecture (Graduate Level)
    • Microprocessor Applications
    • Digital Design
    • Digital Logic and Computer Systems
    • Introduction to Computer Organization
    • Circuits 1
  • In Major – Software
    • Computer Networks (Graduate Level)
    • Information and Database Systems
    • Software Engineering
    • Programming Language Concepts
    • Computer Network Fundamentals
    • Operating Systems
    • Data Structures and Algorithms
    • Computational Numerical Analysis
    • Computational Linear Algebra
    • Programming for CIS Majors 1
    • Programming for CIS Majors 2
    • Applications of Discrete Structures
  • In Major – Other
    • Legal and Social Issues in Computing (Ethics course)
  • Engineering
    • Physics with Calculus 1
    • Physics with Calculus 2
    • Analytical Geometry and Calculus 3
    • Differential Equations
    • Engineering Statistics
    • Technical Writing
  • Business Minor
    • Microeconomics
    • Macroeconomics
    • Business Finance
    • Financial Accounting
    • Management
    • Marketing
  • Out of Major / General Education
    • Biology for Engineers
    • Chinese Literature and Heritage
    • General Psychology
    • Housing, People, and Places in a Spatially Diverse America


  • Expert level skier
  • Completed the Walt Disney World Half Marathon on 1-17-2012 with a time of 2:14:03